Lolita Vavoom, a curvy white woman with blonde and purple hair, poses elegantly in purple pasties and burlesque underpants. painted by Suzanne Forbes Nov 7 2022Lolita VaVoom poses for Sketcherei!

I ADORE drawing Lolita, who is both a wonderful performer and a gifted artist’s model. I painted these on old DC Comics paper from when I was a Star Trek penciller, I needed paper that would hold a wash!

Lolita is also a fierce queer Jewish activist and brings so many incredible Berlin events to life. Including the fantastic Jews! Jews! Jews!, with Nana Schewitz!

The next Jews! Jews! Jews! is on December 17, 2022.

It looks like a particularly amazing show! Mostly sold out but there will be a few tix at the door.

I love Sketcherei life-drawing sessions.

The models are always thoughtfully chosen, in allyship, and beautifully lit! The wonderful team Alexandra and Liana of Sketcherei really care about sex workers, about art and about drawing.

More Lolita: Her insta Lolita and linktree Va Voom

Lolita x Sketcherei, the PG version

Halloween 2020 with House of Presents

Portrait painting in progress

First time, at Full Moon Cabaret

Author: Suzanne Forbes

Suzanne Forbes, crowdfunded documentary artist. Live-drawing moments of human connection, right in front of you.

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