A new Berlin artist and performer, burlesque diva Daria from Kyiv!

Daria posing for Sketcherei by Suzanne Forbes April 25 2022 6Daria has moved to Berlin from Kyiv.

She is a burlesque performer and artist, and she has the most incredible period face and a fantastic aesthetic. She recently modeled for the excellent Berlin life-drawing team Sketcherei, and the session was online as well as IRL, so I was able to join!

Daria posing for Sketcherei by Suzanne Forbes April 25 2022 7I love Sketcherei life-drawing sessions.

The models are always thoughtfully chosen, in allyship, and beautifully lit! The wonderful team Alexandra and Liana of Sketcherei really care about sex workers, about art and about drawing.

As I have said many times, the Sketcherei team is devoted to fundraising.

This event raised money for Berlin NGO Berlin to Borders, a local org created by nightlife titans.

Daria posing for Sketcherei by Suzanne Forbes April 25 2022 5

I tried my new Pentel brush pen and I liked it.

Using the Pentel pen, water-based ink and another brush pen loaded with water. Instant grey washes! Plus a pale peachy watercolor brush pen. And that’s it! No pencil.

Here’s Daria’s insta and photography insta.

More about Berlin to Borders: this homegrown humanitarian org is providing direct aid to the most vulnerable folx escaping the war in Ukraine. They are hiring for paid work and looking for volunteers.

See the website or linktree for how to donate, volunteer or get hired!

More Sketcherei sessions I’ve joined:

Sketcherei with Chiqui Love.

Sketcherei with Berlin Strippers Collective and Akynos.

Sketcherei with Berlin Strippers Collective and Chiqui again!

Sketcherei with Dotti Moscati for Valentines 2022.


Live-drawing at a queer porn shoot with Jiz Lee and Papí Coxxx!

Papi Coxxx fisting Jiz Lee by Suzanne Forbes September 28 2010Some years ago I was invited by Jiz Lee to do my erotic documentary drawing at a porn shoot for Queer Porn TV in San Francisco.

Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx by Suzanne Forbes September 28 2010 fucking with strap onIt was 2010; there was still quite a lot of alt, indie and grassroots porn being made in the Bay Area.

Though some folx were beginning to move to Berlin, like my eternal muse Sadie Lune!

Jiz Lee fisting Papi Coxxx by Suzanne Forbes September 28 2010I had drawn Jiz several times before at Bay Area sex-positive events.

Both they and I had volunteered our talents at benefits for the Center for Sex and Culture and Femina Potens, Madison Young’s revolutionary queer art gallery.

Jiz Lee fisting and choking Papi Coxxx by Suzanne Forbes September 28 2010This was my first time drawing Papí though, and what a thrill!

I had such a good time. The room was warm and the performers were smoking!

Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx by Suzanne Forbes September 28 2010 sucking strap onThey came up to me at the end of the shoot, glowing and sparking, like sex gods of legend!

I am so grateful to have witnessed and documented this beautiful encounter, and to celebrate these nonbinary, genderfluid performers!

Suzanne Forbes draws Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx as they shoot for Queer Porn TV Sept 28 2010Want to support Queer Porn and #payforyourporn?

You can watch the incredible hot and cute trailer and buy the shoot by becoming a member right here! clip here!

“Blurring the line between classic nude art and raunchy queer porn, genderqueer legends Jiz Lee and Pap Coxxx pose for Suzanne Forbes‘ pen.

It’s only a matter of time, of course, before they can’t hold their pose any longer. Sweet nipple teasing dissolves into passionate fucking and buckets of cum; it’s all Forbes can do to keep up!

Jiz and Papí both love to switch, and they each penetrate the other with their realistic strap-on cocks and skilled hands. These two performers, who are known for ejaculating, deliver gushing orgasms that will take your breath away. Run Time: 14.35”

You are welcome to print these images for your own enjoyment, but not for any commercial use. Jiz and Papí have consented explicitly to the publication of these images.