Naughty Fauns Frolicking 6x8 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesWow, I just stumbled across a whole bunch of very naughty faun drawings from 2006!

Naughty Faun with Butterfly 6x8 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesI haven’t seen these in sooo long!

Naughty Faun with Deer 5x7 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesThey all have such large dicks!

Naughty Faun with Cincher 6x8 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesI think most of these went to my booth at Folsom Street Faire in 2007?

Naughty Faun with Dragonfly 5x7 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesI barely remember drawing some of them!

Naughty Faun with Drums 5x7 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesThey are tiny, 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″.

Naughty Faun with Goat 6x8 11 7 2006 by Suzanne ForbesI think I still have a couple somewhere!

None of these were made with a model or photo, they were just generated from the 3D model of the human form I have in my head thanks to a decade of art school! These are posted here full-size, you can save them right from the page and print them to color, print on a tote bag, make into wallpaper for your bathroom, whatever you like! There’s some vanilla ones I’m gonna post on my vanilla site, chipinhead, too ūüôā

Evilyn Frantic’s Egg Moon magic for Full Moon Cabaret!

Evilyn Frantic for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesThis show! This performer! Such good witchcraft!

Even online, this show always brings magic surprises. I have always been pleasantly shocked¬†by at least one moment in every¬†Full Moon¬†Cabaret show, and this online celebration did not disappoint. Evilyn Frantic put on a show that had to be seen to be believed – from her mom’s sauna!

Check out the Full Moon feed and get on the mailing list for a chance to view the show yourself and donate to support the performers! You can see the drawings created from the show for my vanilla site here.